Our mission is to help you realize healthy, radiant, beautiful skin no matter what your age by offering an honest, genuine, natural alternative to commercial skin care products.

The inspiration for a natural skin care line, came out of a heart to provide others with wholesome, detergent-free and mostly organic alternatives to chemically-laden skin care products.  From the start, our natural soaps have been formulated with the finest plant-based oils, butters, raw honey, herbs and farm fresh goat’s milk.   We pledge to continue using these excellent, pure ingredients, sourced from  growers, herbalists and beekeepers, to help you achieve your goals for healthy skin.  We feel a deep commitment, a debt of gratitude, and willingness to serve our customers, local farmers, this country, and our Great God.

We handcraft our natural soap the old-fashioned, cold-process way in our kitchen, one batch at a time.

We have found that making natural soap the old-fashioned, cold-process way in our kitchen, one batch at a time, insures that the delicate nutrients in fresh milk, botanicals, unfiltered honey and pure essential oils translates into meaningful nourishment for your skin. The cold process method of soap making is started by combining fatty acids from fats, butters and oils and lye or sodium hydroxide. This is where art meets science.  After much stirring, and with the addition of botanicals, essential oils and clays, the thickened soap hardens and is ready to be cut in a day or two. After cutting, it is left to cure on racks for 4-6 weeks. Cold process soap retains glycerin, a product of saponification. Glycerin is an important reason why our soap is so nourishing and moisturizing to the skin.

Birthed from a journey to find health, The Soap Hag is now a business that offers the benefits of botanicals, herbs and essential oils handcrafted into soap and skincare products available to you.

IMG_0607Lynn Schapp is The Soap Hag’s owner and soap maker. Her expertise lies in the ingredients used to make natural soap, which is the foundation of this natural soap company. Since recognizing the benefits of natural skincare herself, she works tirelessly to provide that experience for you. Lynn takes great care in formulating the natural soaps and lotions to bring the most nutritional benefit to the skin. Healthy skin is happy skin! Check out The Soap Hag blog, where she shares tips and information about anything relating to soap, natural skincare and soap making.

She bootstrapped The Soap Hag business while embracing the “green” lifestyle. Choosing organics and the simple life for her family, home and animals on a small farm in Upstate New York, was for her, the most sensible way to get healthy and start her family’s movement toward self-sufficiency. The neighbors thought they were a little weird…you know the crunchy granola-eating type folk. But after struggling with some health issues, she found areas where they could reduce exposure to toxins in their home. Her family began using all natural soaps, lotions, cleaning products and bug sprays and wanted to share their efforts and great results with you!

member-inline-colorFrom selling the soaps and skincare products to family and friends and vending at local artisan shows, The Soap Hag now offers their American made products here online and at local shops in the Fingerlakes region of Upstate NY and is also a member of the Soapmakers Guild.