Most of us in the northern hemisphere, and especially here in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of New York, are now enjoying some warmer weather.  Here at The Soap Hag, we have been tending to our honey bee hives and herb garden.  We’ve been using aloe vera to calm bee stings, minor scratches from brush removal and gardening and the little extra sun exposure.  Some recent research has wild claims to what Aloe can do, so now is a good time to delve into this amazing plant.
The Aloe Vera is a succulent plant that grows in warm or desert conditions.  When the leaves are harvested and cut open, the gel is extracted and used in different forms for skin care.  This gel is 99.5% water, with the rest being polysaccharides, amino acids, quinones, glycosides, flavones, minerals and more.  Some of these phytosterols have huge benefits for skin damaged by wind, sun and regular burns by reducing inflammation  dryness and redness.  Aloe also contains elements with UV protection and moisture barrier qualities. So in
a nut shell,  Aloe is a powerhouse for use in soap and skin care products.  Try our new Lavender Aloe Whipped Body Butter.  Every ingredient is formulated for summer skin care and has a wonderful fragrance of Lavender essential oil with a gentle chocolate note.