June is the season around the Finger Lakes Region for graduation parties and recently while talking to someone at a party, I was delivered a pointed question which indeed deserves a thoughtful response.  One mom asked “why should I buy your natural soaps?  What makes them any different from Ivory or Dove?”  Here are some of the most compelling reasons to use wholesome, handmade soaps without throwing commercial soaps under the bus:

1  Our natural soaps are made from the purest, natural ingredients, starting with fresh goat’s milk and coconut milk and ending with pure, therapeutic essential oils.  This means super nutrition for your skin.   Check out this link for more information on the benefits of goat’s milk for your skin. Goat’s Milk Stuff

2  Many of these ingredients come from organic or sustainable sources, and often are produced by our local growers and beekeepers.  We’re committed to helping our economy in the Finger Lakes Region  and New York State.
3  We use time-tested formulas that target specific skin types.  These formulas are gently cleansing and    moisturizing to the skin.  We make our own infusions and extracts without the use of alcohol right in our own kitchen, often from plants we have growing right on our property.
4  Vegetable based soaps are environmentally friendly. They don’t have any of the harsh chemicals that typically are added to commercial soaps to make them lather and rinse well.  These added chemicals also replace the glycerin which is taken out and sold as a byproduct of the commercial soap making process.
5  We use the cold process method for soap making which retains this all- important glycerin.  Every one of our 26 varieties of soaps is fresh and pure and won’t leave your skin feeling stripped, itchy and needing lotion after a shower.  They are a sensory delight!  Check out this link to see beautiful, handcrafted natural soaps.  The Soap Hag Products