A question I frequently get asked is, “How do you get the pink dots into the Dot’s Honey and Lemongrass Soap?”  The picture below includes pink soap sticks, in the center foreground. We make these ahead and cure a week or so prior to making this variety of soap.  These slices are cut and the corners rounded off  into tubes.  After pouring the main “batter,” we lay the tubes of pink soap lengthwise in a loaf mold and push them down into the soft batter.  The whole loaf hardens in about 24 hours.  This soap is fun to cut.  You never know just how the dot pattern will turn out until you slice it up!  See a picture of the finished product here: Dot’s Honey and Lemongrass Soap
Dot’s Honey and Lemongrass Soap is a popular favorite in the summer months when our skin gets oily from the heat and humidity.  This is one of two soaps in our product line that is clarifying and great for acne-prone skin as well.  Another great soap to try because of it’s light exfoliating qualities is Wild Geranium Clarifying Facial Bar.  Check it out here: Wild Geranium Clarifying Facial Bar.  These two soaps are amazing at cleansing and tempering oily skin without stripping the natural protective sebum.  How do you deal with oily skin in the summer months?