Teresa, Anna and Christina Kranz
(Our Local Suppliers)
Thank you for sending in some really great questions this week!  I chose a question from a man who said he thought his wife might like to try a goat’s milk soap, but wanted to know why we use goat’s milk in our products.  Below is a list of some important reasons for using this creamy delight in cold processed, handmade soaps.
Essential Proteins: Amino Acids, & Vitamins B6, B12 & E, all of which help nourish the skin and help seal in moisture. Goat’s milk is particularly high in vitamin A is is needed for repairing damaged skin tissue, helps to reduce lines and wrinkles and is thought to help control acne and give some psoriasis relief.


Beta-Casein: Which is easily absorbed, allowing for quick hydration of dry skin.Triglycerides: Capric, Caprylic, Caproic Acids help to maintain the skins’ natural barrier of protection from harmful bacteria and chemicals. It also promotes natural exfoliation, soothes and softens the skin.Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Lactic Acid helps break the bonds that hold dead skin cells together. Soaps made with goat’s milk are very gentle cleansers, benefitting babies and people with very sensitive skin.

 Now, I have a question for you.  This is sort of an enigma.  What is made from a barn animal  yet doesn’t smell?  Check out the answer here.