Last week we promised to continue the discussion about the wonderful products that honey bees bring to natural skin care.  We encouraged those with a pioneer spirit to try a honey-based facial mask recipe and let us know what you thought.  Here’s a picture of Emily from Seattle, Washington and one of her Honey and French Green Clay facial mask experiments.Emily's Homemade Facial Mask  Emily will be a guest blogger on SoapNotes. She will fill us in on the exciting findings of using her own unique recipes for extraordinary results.

This week, we will sing the praises of natural beeswax and it’s importance in natural skin care formulas.  As you probably already know, I think honey bees are fascinating!  Another amazing aspect about bee life is how they make wax in the first place.  They start out collecting choice nectar from flowers.  That nectar combines with their saliva and some goes into their stomachs.  There, it combines with a concoction of enzymes and gets either regurgitated back out as  unfinished honey or passed through  wax producing glands inside their bodies. Those glands convert the sugars and extrude the substance through  other glands on their underbellies. It is thought that these wax flakes are removed by other worker bees and made primarily into honeycomb.  Here’s a picture of some of our bees filling fresh comb with honey in our non medicated colonies.Lynnie's Bee on topbar frame

Beeswax in skin care  is the stuff that  helps our soaps get rock hard, our lotions get thickened and our salves, lip balm and other creations have creamy consistency .  Beeswax is a wonderful emollient which can help to soothe and soften dry skin.  It provides a moisture barrier and is  loaded  with vitamin A, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.  Beeswax is considered an ester, or a long chained fatty acids.  In the hive, it aids in moisture proofing and protecting bee babies, and is used along with propolis to seal up the bee colony from the ravages of wind and  rain.   Beeswax is often one of the first ingredients in lotion bars and lip balm for this reason.  It creates a  creamy, pliable moisture barrier!  To see more of our products that are made with natural beeswax, please check out this link