This is the first of a  four week soaping challenge hosted by Amy Warden of Great Cakes Soapworks.  I thought I’d share with my blog friends the interesting and fun results.  This  weeks challenge is called Tiger Stripe.  The instructions were to pick two  contrasting colors and pour them alternately in the soap mould, to get lovely layers of stripes. I decided to add a layer of chocolate brown to accent the raspberry reds I was hoping for.

I chose to use alkanet root powder for my natural colorant and something fruity for a fragrance oil.  I decided on  Raspberry Truffle which smelled yummy and seemed like it would work well with the color combination.  The plan was to capture the deep purple and pink from the alkanet root powder, and layers of light and darker raspberry color.  Much to my surprise, the stripe colors I got were very different than I expected.  I found out after digging around on the web,  that alkanet root can be a  finicky colorant to use with essential or fragrance oils. Evidently, it has a pH discrimination, and doesn’t play well with many other fragrances. Here is a picture of my Tiger Strip effort.  It really smells divine, but this fragrance oil also cause the thin liquid soap phase to shorten up remarkably so instead of getting thin layers, I got thicker ones.tiger Stripe lightened

Here is a link to Great Cakes Soapworks Blog if you want to see some beautiful soaps by talented artists in the Challenge!

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  1. How cool though! I love the wider layers! Everyone’s soap is different – that’s what makes it so fun! 🙂

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