Week three of the Great Cakes Soapworks Soap Challenge was much easier than the first two, I thought, but still fun.  The potential to be creative with multiple mica colors and designs is endless and of course we don”t need to relegate mica to only  toppings.  My little imagination is overflowing with ideas for the next great batch of soap using this fun colorant.

This time, I followed the instructions carefully, admitting to myself that I don’t do this so well.  I scented the main oils before adding the lye/goat’s milk mixture, a technique that seems conflicting with scenting at trace.  My fears of seizing and losing the much needed time to do a swirling technique, far outweighed my fears of losing the delicate essential oil scent in my finished product.  After pouring about 4 cups of my plain batch into two different color choices, I brightened the main batch with titanium dioxide.  I wanted this soap to be gender neutral even manly, so I chose an ultramarine blue and bakers cocoa for the brown for the swirl.  I poured the brightened main batch into my molds leaving enough in the pot to add to the top.  I added the chocolate brown to the blue and gave it a gentle swirl.  After pouring the colored layer on top of the plain layer, I topped it off with the remaining plain batch,  drizzled the mica on top and did a figure eight swirl through with a chop stick.  I was hoping to redeem the scenting oils by preventing the gel phase, something that proved easy to do here in Upstate New York.  Burrr!  Spring has not yet sprung here, but we are still having soapy fun!Regal Bay Rum 1