Becky"s Great Skin






Beautiful skin is part heredity and part how you take care of what you were born with.   Most people have some idea how their skin reacts to sun or chemical exposure, but knowing your skin type can help you determine what it loves, and in turn, it will give you back radiance and the appearance of health.  Check out these three easy tips to discover your skin type:
  1. Observe your face in the mirror, from about 12 inches away, first thing in the morning.
  1. Check to see if there are noticeable amounts of oil on your face and what your pore size is.
  1. Compare your findings to our guide below.
Normal: You have some visible pores and  a little shine  in the T zone (forehead, nose and chin).  When blotting a tissue in the T zone, you get very little oil on the tissue. Your skin is smooth, soft and elastic.  You can use lotion without break-outs or sensitivity most of the time.
Oily:  You have large or open pores over your entire face.  When blotting a tissue, you have shine all over, especially the T zone.  You have a tendency toward acne and/or blackheads.  Your skin rarely, if ever feels tight or dry.  You need specialized moisturizers to prevent break-outs.
Combination:  You have larger, more visible pores and some shine in the T zone (forehead, nose and chin), but your pores are smaller, less visible on the rest of your face.  When using the tissue test,  oil and shine is noticed over the T zone, but you may experience dryness on the cheeks or the rest of your face.  About 70% of us have combination skin.
Dry:  You have small or almost no visible pores over your whole face.  While doing the tissue test, you almost never pick up any oil.  Washing your face with commercial soap makes your skin feel tight, itchy or dull looking.  You’ve found that over time or with a lot of sun exposure, your skin gets noticeably drier.  Your skin drinks up any moisturizer you apply.
Sensitive:  Your pores are small and fine.  Your skin is thin, delicate, may flush easily, is prone to broken capillaries and can become red, rashy and sunburned easily.  You may be prone to allergies and you have to be especially careful with anything that touches your face including cleansers and moisturizers.
Keep in mind that your skin can change a bit with diet, over time and in different environmental conditions or may be in between two of the skin categories.  You can find more tips and help choosing the perfect products for your skin by going to our website.