jewelweed7934lgThe Jewelweed plant has been used for centuries in North America as an effective, natural remedy against plant-producing rashes, acne and eczema.  The juicy leaves and stems from Jewelweed, produce compounds that counteract the harmful chemicals that induce the insane itch and long-lasting rash of poison ivy and other nasty plants.

 Here in Upstate New York, Jewelweed blooms from July through October and is found most often in moist woods, in road ditches and near stream beds.  Also known as Touch-Me-Not, Jewelweed is in the Impatiens family.

Jewelweed Soap:  If you’ve been gardening, hiking or just walking the dogs and you know you’ve been exposed to poison ivy or poison oak, the best course of action is to wash all exposed areas with our Jewelweed soap soon as possible.  You can effectively treat poison ivy no matter how long you’ve had the rash though.  Try lathering up the affected area with soap for at least 30 seconds and rinse with cool water.  Pat dry.  The first treatment will dramatically improve the itching, but our Jewelweed soap is so gentle that you could use it as often as you’d like for the itch and rash of poison ivy, poison oak, acne, eczema or even razor rash.  Our Jewelweed soap has a rich Jewelweed plant infusion in golden organic olive oil, skin loving goat’s milk, and colloidal oatmeal to heal and calm inflammation and benonite clay to draw out toxins on the skin.  Top all this natural goodness off with Tea Tree and Eucalyptus therapeutic essential oils, and you have a winning combination for rash and acne extermination! For your convenience,   Jewelweed Soap comes in a 4 oz bar priced at $5.00.   A must have in your camping and household arsenal!