We are deep in the middle of a record cold winter in the little Finger Lakes region of New York State, so if we have to be indoors, we might as well be soaping!  This months International Soap Challenge is a technique called Embeds.  Now that I know what in the world an embed is, and how to get around the process, I am so excited to try more complex designs.  Simply put, an embed is any appropriate material that is added to the main batch of soap for design purposes.  I’ve seen fruit or small toys added to soap,  giving the bar interest and color,  but for this Challenge, I wanted to contrast a couple different shapes with lots of open space.  The best part of this challenge was cutting the finished soap.  Each bar has a unique look which made the cutting very fun.  Here’s how the process went.

First, with the guidance of Amy Warden of Great Cakes Soapworks the tutorial this month involved making hot processed soap, shaping it into balls and my idea was to roll the balls of soap in green mica.


Next, I minced four bars of our Avocado Conditioning Soap because the colors were organic and natural. The plan was to have these embed chips in the bottom 1/3 layer of the soap.


When the avocado chips were all added, the rest of the soap mixture was carefully poured over the chips and the mica coated balls were placed randomly into the batter.

Mica Coated Balls

Check out the finished product!  I love the halo effect around the balls.  It reminds me of the moon and the earth in the winter.IMG_6587  IMG_6557

The scent is a fresh unisex aroma of Abalone and Sea from Wholesale Supplies Plus.  If you look carefully, the insulation was too much for this soap as it crackled  a bit, but  I like the effect it has on the finished soap bar.  I can tell that this month’s Challenge is just the beginning of a love affair with embeds.  How can you beat beautiful AND wholesome soap at the same time!