Recently, in one of our soap making classes, a student described how he was brewing his own beer and wondered if he could use his beer in soap making.  He was on to something a bit more complicated than our introduction class could handle, but we did make a goat’s milk soap with hops and comfrey which turned out delightful! 

      Hops is used in some anti-aging skin formulas, so this post is dedicated to the benefits of this health-giving plant in skincare.  Hops flowers or seed cones are a cultivated crop use to give flavor and stability to beer.  They impart a bitter, citrus or tangy flavor depending on the plant variety.  

     1. RELAXATION: If you drink beer, you surely have noticed the sedative and relaxing effects that hops has. Because of its’ phytoestrogens, this plant has been thought to help ease menopausal symptoms and some digestive issues.

2: ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Hops has powerful anti-inflammatory qualities for the skin that can reduce scarring. Salves are used in medicine as wraps applied to the skin to heal leg ulcers.

3: ANTI-BACTERIAL: Hops extract have anti-bacterial benefits that researcher have discovered have been able to inhibited five different bacteria that cause acne. That’s good news for folks with oily or sweaty summer skin.

1: PLANT GOODIES: Hops, or Humulus Lupulus flowers, are loaded with phytonutrients – plant goodies that are great for toning and softening the skin.

Thanks nature!


Your Friendly Neighborhood Soap Hag

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