brownsugarscrub-580x869How would you like to try a simple, effective way to get baby soft, touchable skin without breaking your beauty budget?  Why not exfoliate your skin with a body scrub!  It’s a great way to gently uncover those beautiful new skin cells naturally and to benefit from the wonderful therapeutic aromas. Every high-end spa and salon will have body scrubs for manicures, pedicures, massages and more.  Who couldn’t use a break on the cost of keeping your skin looking its best?  Sugar and salt are the most common types of body scrubs on the market, so let’s look at these and other ingredients that do a great job:

  • Brown Sugar Scrubs are the most gentle choice for delicate facial skin.  If you are new to using scrubs or have skin sensitivities, this is a good place to start.  Brown sugar has natural alpha hydroxy acid which help to break down dirt and dead skin cells.  The aroma of brown sugar scrubs is warm and delicious.
  • Granulated Sugar has a similar texture to brown sugar but can be a finer grain. Sugar tends to be the most common form of body scrub because it is economical, it also won’t sting freshly shaved skin.  Granulated sugar also works great for gently exfoliating facial skin and your entire body.  Again, apart from the obvious benefits from gentle exfoliation, the aroma therapeutic qualities abound depending on what scent you choose.
  • Salt scrubs are generally more abrasive and are excellent for removing dead skin, callouses and toxins.  Try a course salt foot scrub for reinvigorating your tired legs and get sandal-ready feet.  Use a fine salt scrub for removing toxins on acne-prone skin. Dead Sea salt has a whole host of minerals that are thought to help with eczema, psoriasis, muscle fatigue and soreness, and can be either course or fine.
  • Corn Meal makes an amazing, gentle exfoliate for oily, acne-prone or after-workout cleansing because it mops up and absorbs grease and dirt really well.  I love using corn meal scrubs after gardening or camping were you might get extra dirty.  Its larger grains might seem course, but they are still gentle and effective.
  • Loofah is a natural sponge and when dried is quite scratchy, but when ground up and added to a salt or sugar scrubs gives additional loveliness to any scrub.  Ground loofah can also be used as the main ingredient in a body scrub and is another good choice for hands, feet and callouses.
  • Seeds and Ground Coffee are some other choices for extra heavy duty cleansing and exfoliation.  I love ground coffee sugar scrub as a hand cleanser next to the sink to get rid of cooking odors like garlic, onion and fish.
  • We will soon be carrying a whole line of emulsified body scrubs on our website, so stay tuned for the approaching roll-out of our new products.  This type of body scrub leaves your skin feeling moisturized like you just put lotion on your skin.