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Bloomin’ Lilac and the March Soap Challenge


I really love this months’ drop swirl technique and no one does it better than Celine Blacow from Iamhandmade.  I’ve spent hours on YouTube watching Celine’s videos, along with her sidekick Titch Holland, as they create delightful and delicious looking goodies…er, um, soap.  It’s almost as yummy as watching a master pastry chef.

Amy Warden, from Great Cakes Soapworks, stated in her tutorial that the best advice for the soapmaker is to limit or restrict the scent use for the drop swirl technique, to those that will behave slowly and not advance trace too quickly.  The scent I choose was a beautiful lilac fragrance oil that I have experience with.  I tolerate this “love/hate” relationship we have because it has a beautiful, true lilac scent and customers love.  Yet I know this fragrance oil can’t be trusted.  I learned from Celine that you can add this untrustworthy friend just before pouring into your molds and although, like any co-dependent relationship, one learns to work with the pouting, it will submit with a little arm-twisting.

Truth be told, my inspiration came straight from some cabin fever. We have experienced record-breaking cold here in the northeastern United States and we’re still having some subzero nights.  Really now!  It’s the middle of March for heavens sake!  If you love floral gardens, and the anticipation of getting some outdoor time,  a local treat is the Lilac Festival, Highland Park in Rochester, New York.  It was established in 1887 and is a world class arboretum and a great way to welcome some warmer weather.  Some early lilacs will start blooming around here by the end of April and I, for one, can’t wait!  But for now, we can enjoy Bloomin’ Lilac Premium Goat’s Milk Soap.Bloomin' Lilac Premium Goat's Milk Soap


Sea Side Peacock Swirl-International Soap Challenge

The June 2013 International Soap Challenge brought The Peacock Swirl technique, a beautiful design with four colors and the freedom to create a unique representation from nature. Amy Warden of Great Cakes Soapworks introduced a  “new” concept of dividing our soap batter into two separate layers, and scenting only the bottom layer.  Fragrance and essential… Continue Reading