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Sea Side Peacock Swirl-International Soap Challenge

The June 2013 International Soap Challenge brought The Peacock Swirl technique, a beautiful design with four colors and the freedom to create a unique representation from nature. full-peacock-feathers-web2

Amy Warden of Great Cakes Soapworks introduced a  “new” concept of dividing our soap batter into two separate layers, and scenting only the bottom layer.  Fragrance and essential oils sometime
cause the soap mixture to thicken too quickly or seize.  The Peacock Swirl technique, required as much time as possible to draw out thin ribbons of soap to make the lovely, multicolored design.

I scented my bottom layer with a fragrance oil called Abalone and Sea which smells like a fresh ocean mist.  I also used four different micas to color the upper layer.  My color inspiration came from the ocean and sky, and so this scent was just perfectly fitted for the color scheme I chose.  I must admit, my first batch did not represent the swirling technique very well, because my comb teeth were spaced to close together.  I removed every other “tooth” and the spacing was perfect.  Also,  I wasn’t quite sure how to get the soap out of the squirt bottles at clean-up time, so I threw them away!  For the second try, I soaked the bottles in hot soapy water overnight and with a little work, they were redeemed.

This Peacock Swirl technique was so fun and satisfied the need to  make something beautiful.  Can’t wait to stretch some more! SeaSide Peacock Swirl 1SeaSide Peacock Swirl 2