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Castaway Cay Disappearing Without a Trace~Challenge Week 2

Amy Warden of Great Cakes Soapworks has been hosting a four-week Soap Challenge, and this weeks experiment was called Elemental Swirl.  This challenge is a technique of  ITP,  or in the pot swirling, using a layer of warm tones and another layer of cool tones separated by a thin layer of mica.   The inspiration for our color combination is from fire, earth, wind and water.  We were encouraged to use any colors that jazzed us.  I so loved Amy’s Caribbean Diva soap, that I wanted to see if I could replicate it using my regular goat’s milk recipe and some natural colorants I had on hand.  If you are a soaper, you’ll be able to determine from the picture that indeed, the colors turned out well, but somehow “trace” was nowhere to be found.  After emulsion, I calmly poured off the six colors and all went thick almost immediately!  I am not sure if the goat’s milk,  my temperatures (105F), or the fragrance oil I used, (Monkey Farts), contributed to the complete lack of trace.  How disrespectful!  The results reminded me of oceanic granite and the scent is light, fruity, almost tropical.  I named this soap Castaway Cay.  I can’t wait to try this technique again, this time leaving out the goat’s milk, and maybe lowering the temperature of my oils and lye.  The disappearing trace may have been from the fragrance oil, but I have been told that it does not accelerate trace.  We’ll see if leaving it out might gain me some much-needed time to get a fluid pour.
Castaway Cay

Cold Process Soap Making Part 1

In the spring, back a few years ago, my neighbor showed me around his expanding apiary.  At the time he had 11 hives filled to the brim with honey bees and a modest roadside stand that was open and stocked with honey.  I had a growing fascination with bees and their amazing culture, but this… Continue Reading

Cold Process Soap Making Part 2

In our previous post, we gave you a broad flyover soap making, but today the focus will be on how and why we choose the ingredients that go into our recipes.  Handmade soaps made in small batches, have the unique position of providing a superior quality from that which has been commercially produced.  We can… Continue Reading