Natural Soap Collection

At The Soap Hag, we offer dozens of fresh-scented and all-natural handmade goat milk soaps available for sale from our farm in upstate New York.

Every bar of soap is unique, made by hand using only natural products. Local honey, goat milk and plant-based oils are primary ingredients found in every bar of soap. Even though most soaps start with the same natural components, our products produce unique scents in many different varieties. From fruity scents like peach and pomegranate passion coconut to soothing scents like garden chamomile, there is a huge variety of scented goat milk soap to choose from.

The Soap Hag loves experimenting with new scents and styles of all-natural soap. These explorations have led to unique results and exotic scents, like Guinness beer and royal peppermint soaps.

No matter which scent you choose, each homemade goat milk soap is great for revitalizing your body and helping your skin feel soft, clean, and fresh. Check out our full scented soap collection below to find the perfect soap for you!

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