grapefruit, spring melon, lotus blossom and lily Soap for Sale

Castaway Cay Premium Goat’s Milk Soap


A health-giving, luxury spa soap with the fragrance of sparkling fresh grapefruit, a blend of spring melon, lotus blossom and lily of the valley.  This enticing scent sits on top of the base notes of bamboo and white musk, making Castaway Cay a delightfully refreshing goat’s milk soap that feels like pure indulgence.  Why not take a little time for yourself and sooth the stress away with a bar of Castaway Cay Premium Goat’s Milk soap?  Its beautiful elemental swirl is artfully crafted to give a sense of sun-drenched beaches with wind, waves and water.  Great for all skin types.


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Fresh goat’s milk, saponified oils of: olive, coconut, organic palm, castor and rice bran, cocoa butter, fragrance, titanium dioxide and mica.


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