Oh My Guinness! Beer Soap


Oh My Guinness! Beer Soap is made in small batches with Guinness Stout Beer.  But don’t worry!  You won’t smell like a brewery after you’ve showered.  We’ve blended Frankincense, Orange, and Clove essential oils to bring a bright, warm, citrus scent to this wonderful soap.  We’ve also add a little twist of lemon powder for its astringent, antiseptic, and bactericide properties.  Lemon powder is thought to help clear the complexion and smooth out broken capillaries, while helping oily skin and acne.  Try shaving with Oh My Guinness! Beer Soap and you will be delighted with a close, comfortable shave and silky, smooth skin.


Did you know?

Beer brings some very useful qualities to skincare.  Beer ups the “lather factor” which makes it really great for getting a close shave, and leaving your skin soft
and smooth.  The grains and other sediments used in brewing beer, have loads of phytonutrients in them that are thought to calm inflammation due to eczema and
dermatitis, balance the oils in our skin and help with acne.  Why not give Oh My Guinness! Beer Soap a try!

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Oh My Guinness! Beer Soap

Guinness Stout Beer, Saponified Oils of: Rice Bran, Coconut, Organic Palm, Olive and Castor, Shea Butter, Essential Oils and Lemon Powder.


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