Salvation Herbal Hand Salve


Are you a chef, gardener or anyone who works hard with your hands?  Salvation Herbal Hand Salve is a perfect choice for keeping your skin supple, and for repairing and healing cracked, damaged cuticles and hands.  The botanical blend of comfrey, calendula, chamomile, geranium, rose and lavender have many powerful benefits.  These herbs can calm inflammation, ease painful cracks and help regenerate new skin cells.  Our creamy herbal salve is made with natural beeswax from our unmedicated hives. The nourishing formula is highly enriched with vitamin E, jojoba and essential oils, so no more painful, dry hands or cracked, dry places!  And you get an effective, 100% natural alternative to petroleum-based products.  Comes in a convenient 2 oz tin and is perfect for the first aid kit, purse or pocket.

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Weight 2 oz


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