“I won a basket from our MOPS group and kept a bar of Spiced Pumpkin soap in our bathroom. I have an infant, and sometimes she poops through her clothes. I normally use a stain remover product for getting the stains out, but the stain remover smells awful and leaves my hands feeling really terrible. Plus I’m sure it’s loaded with chemicals that aren’t great for us. So, while doing laundry last week I thought I’m just going to try using your soap to see what happens. Well it totally worked!! It got the yellow (a really huge one) stain out of a white onesie. The stain came completely out. Needless to say, the soap smells wonderful and my hands felt fine afterwards. I have since used the Spiced Pumpkin bar anytime I need to work on a stain for my infant. It’s so great to have a product that works and is natural. Thank you!!! I will be telling my mom friends about it.” ~ Annie


“I bought a bottle of the Walk in the Woods lotion at the little gift shop in Canandaigua while we were visiting and shopping..I love it!! it just smells so earthy and natural..It smells like it says..walking in the woods or camping on a bed of pine needles..I will be buying more products!! I love Patchouli so that will be next! Thanks so much for making such lovely healthy products.” ~ Renee J

“Greetings! I just bought a couple bars of your soap from American Made in Canandaigua, and wanted to let you know how very pleased and impressed I am with them. I bought the Cedarwood as a gift, and worry that I will not be able to resist opening it for myself. I did get my own Calendula Colada, and it is a unique, well balanced fragrance that I love, and also leaves the skin feeling clean but not stripped. I have used a lot of handmade artisan soaps over the years- yours are first quality and priced as a very affordable bit of luxury. Nice package wrap too. I’m looking forward to your website and to purchasing more soap! Thanks for your work.” ~ Emily

“I’ve been using body washes, like Aveeno, my entire life that are full of chemicals. I started using these soaps, and my skin has never looked more beautiful. I’m hooked!” ~ Emily K

“I absolutely loooove the Patchouli body lotion. I bought it at Body Work Kneaded in Honeoye Falls. Best smelling patchouli lotin I have tried! I look forward to trying more Soap Hag products!”~ Heather R.
“I always have dry skin in the winter. This winter was no exception, even with the milder weather. I bought a bar of Pomegranate Passion and within 2 days of using it I could tell a difference. My skin is much softer and happier…. And the wonderful scent is just a bonus!! I can’t wait to try a new bar soon!” ~ Sue L

“My skin has been dry my whole life. Flaky shins and the skin on my forearms looks like elephant skin. After using the Soap Hag’s natural soap for only a few days my arms look and feel great and no flaking on my legs for the first time in over 50 years with out using a ton of lotion. I am not feeling so sticky and “slimy” in the 90+ degree heat. I am definitely hooked and already can’t even contemplate using a different soap. Thanks so much for a wonderful product!” ~ Beth

“I received the Ginger And Tea soap for Christmas and really liked the way it lathered up and made my skin feel much softer… Also liked the delicate fragrance.”

OH MY GOODNESS! I just bought one of the coffee body butters and I love it!!!!! It smells awesome and the butter makes my skin feel so soft.
~ Nicole

Dot’s Honey and Lemongrass! I LOVE this soap! It really helped my still-troubling acne, and it smells wonderful! When I ran out, my acne came back, and as soon as I bought more my skin cleared up again! It really works. Plus the bar lasts a very long time and has a nice lather. I use it on my hands and in the shower too! ~ Samantha


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